Educational Approach

Strengths of the Gifu Academy’s educational approach

Local Government Managed School

The Gifu Academy strives to combine its thinking and resources with those of citizens living in the region to address forest and regional issues. As an autonomously run school established by the Prefectural government, the curriculum is innovatively designed to meet community needs. One of the primary goals of the Gifu Academy is to disseminate information about the strategies developed at the school, as well as the unique aspects of Gifu’s forest resources and culture, nationally.

Practical Curriculum

The curriculum offered includes forestry, environmental education, craft and furniture making, and wooden architecture. Each field places emphasis on teaching practical skills and knowledge that are demanded in the industries related to forest and wood. In order to promote economic development, an important theme in the curriculum is entrepreneurship and development of new business opportunities.

Small Class Sizes and Individual Tuition

The Gifu Academy is a small-scale school with a limited number of students. We take advantage of the small student body to tutor our students on an individual basis based upon their desired career path and ability. The limited number of students also makes it possible to include numerous field trips in the curriculum.