Welcome to the heartland of forest science and culture.

Gifu Prefecture, situated in central Japan, has abundant natural forest resources and a history of woodworking, wooden architecture and forestry traditions. The Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture is a higher education institution established to provide practical multidisciplinary education in the fields of forestry and wood utilization, environmental education, wooden architecture and woodwork. The objectives of the Gifu Academy are to produce graduates who can develop innovative and sustainable ways for communities and individuals to use forest and wood resources. This will contribute to addressing the challenges faced by modern society’s reliance on the mass-consumption of non-sustainable resources.

Government alone cannot solve the issues concerning the degradation of the environment and irrational management of regional forests. It is vital for citizens to become actively involved in dealing with these problems. To this end, the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture encourages matured students to study at the institution as well as provides practical courses and workshops for members of the community. We encourage everyone to be involved in the revitalization of regional forests, development of regional communities, and rational use of forest and wood resources.